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While growing up in San Jose, CA all I wanted to do was work in fashion. I would spend all of my time planning outfits, scouring fashion magazines and watching The Rachel Zoe Project on repeat. Living in LA and working with a stylist was my career dream. Out of high school, I studied fashion design at West Valley College and as soon as I found I could not sew to save my life, I transferred to San Jose State to study Public Relations hoping to apply this degree to the fashion industry. 

When waiting tables while in college, the fashion director for the high-end shopping center, Santana Row, sat down at my table. The following week I was pulling looks for the Santana Row summer show runway and working backstage. I continued this work for the next 3 years, applying my passion for fashion styling and learning everything I could about producing events. 

After graduating with a B.S. in Public Relations, I immediately landed a job in Los Angeles as the Public Relations Assistant at Bloomingdale's. After 3 months in this position, I was promoted to Public Relations Manager at the Glendale and Sherman Oaks Bloomingdale's stores. There, as part of the senior management team, I produced an average of 300 events a year.

After almost 3 years in the city, I picked up and moved to Orange County to live by the beach and start freelancing. When I moved into my new home, I took the first couple months to focus on decorating my home, incorporating my newfound modern coastal style. I would spend hours driving to various stores, on the hunt for those perfect pieces. After having always loved styling and home decor, this sparkled a whole new passion in me - styling interior spaces.


Thinking back on my experience, I found I have always had a certain love for home decor and would always put effort into making my home feel like home, whether it was my room growing up, or my college apartment. I also found that my years of experience in event and space design applies greatly to interiors. I am a huge believer that the space you are in effects your mood and your life as a whole and my goal now is to help others love their spaces as much as I love mine. 

During my first year as a freelancer, I had the opportunity to design a few spaces, both commercial and residential, and absolutely fell in love with the work. At Kelli Daley Events & Design, I now focus on interior styling work, and still offer event design and execution services. Although I do still enjoy watching The Rachel Zoe project, nowadays I spend my free time watching Fixer Upper, reading design books and teaching myself design programs - most likely while cuddling with my two chihuahuas!

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